Alternative Therapies and Prices

Reflexology (60 Minutes)
Reflexology is an alternative form of therapy. Working with a mixture of massage, meridian lines and reflex points Reflexology can help bring your body back into balance and provide you with a sense of complete relaxation and also help to improve your wellbeing. You can have Reflexology instead of a Full Body Massage to help you relax and de-stress but it has also been proven to help with several different ailments. Songbirds Wax is used for this treatment- there are many different blends to choose from. It will leave your feet feeling hydrated and pampered.
Indian Head Massage (30 Minutes)
Indian Head Massage is a great treatment to have to help relax you and your mind. If you suffer from migraines, headaches, anxiety or fatigue it can help to reduce your symptoms and boost your energy levels. Indian Head Massage starts with massage across your décolleté and the tops of your arms, moving onto your face using pressure point massage and finishing in the scalp. It works perfectly as an add on to any massage treatment to provide you with a sense of complete relaxation.
Hopi Ear Candling (45 Minutes)
Hopi Ear Candling is an alternative form of therapy. Lying on your side the candle is placed into your ear and lit. You should always have both ears treated regardless as your ears help aid your balance. Some benefits of the ear candles are creating a sense of relaxation, helping to relieve the signs of earache and headache, helping to reduce any build-up of pressure within the head and sinuses and helping to draw out any build-up of wax.